Restaurant Thai au Centre Commercial Saint-Max Avenue Why Pitaya Saint-maximin?

A neat



and creative cuisine

Woks cooked

by the minute


and healthy products



Pitaya Resto
Le repas parfait pour accueillir lautomne en douceur 🍁📷 @Sadysfood

Le repas parfait pour accueillir l'automne en douceur 🍁
📷 @Sadysfood
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Pitaya Resto


Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer l'ouverture tant attendue du restaurant Pitaya à Annemasse ! 🥳
Toutes nos félicitations aux franchisées Emilie et Celine Quiqueret et à leur équipe qui ont fait de cette ouverture une réussite ! 👍
RDV au 1 place Jean Deffaugt à Annemasse pour savourer nos délices thaï !
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Pitaya Resto
La phrase qui met tout le monde daccord : on mange chez PITAYA ? ! 😋

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Pitaya Resto
Taguez votre ami qui prend toujours son thaï bowl en photo ! 😁

Taguez votre ami qui prend toujours son thaï bowl en photo ! 😁 ... See MoreSee Less


Pitaya Resto
Qui pourrait résister à notre délicieux Red Curry  ? 🤤📷 @sadysfood

Qui pourrait résister à notre délicieux Red Curry ? 🤤
📷 @sadysfood
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Pitaya Resto
Le bonheur à portée de main 😍📷 @salome_tnl

Le bonheur à portée de main 😍
📷 @salome_tnl
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Where to find the best Thai restaurant in Saint-Maximin?

Stroll through the streets of the Les Haies district to experience a smooth culinary journey to Thailand for a meal. Located in the heart of the Saint-Max Avenue Shopping Centre, the Thai restaurant in Saint-Maximin offers a sumptuous world cuisine with authentic and refined flavours. Close your eyes and listen carefully to perceive the sweet and melodious resonant notes of Bangkok's street spirit. The rather preserved facade contrasts with the interior, which has an exotic decoration: the Thai atmosphere leaves a delicious, colourful and creative smell of cuisine soaring with fresh and healthy products.

Why is our Asian restaurant in Saint-Maximin a good restaurant?

The street food smells emanating from the woks contain traditional Thai recipes. In the Asian restaurant, guests have the opportunity to observe the precise gestures of the Thai chef who passionately creates an amazing combination of flavours and spices. Crunchy dishes were born from his hands: firm and juicy sautéed shrimps, sautéed noodles, chicken with curry, rice.
Pitaya also makes it a point of honour to prepare healthy foods rich in good nutrients. Coriander and fresh vegetables are integrated into our menus to bring freshness to the meal. Faithful to its Asian origins, the cuisine offers a wide choice of dishes from this region of the world.

Discover our restaurant exclusively?

Visit our Asian restaurant in Saint-Maximin located at 201, rue des Girondins in the Saint-Max Avenue shopping centre to taste a refined, typically Thai recipe: beef lo lac, bi bun pad thaï or beef thai. Curry lovers will not be disappointed with the green and red curry. Of course, we offer a fast service on site, to take away or to deliver. So, whether you are out for a walk in the Quartier Les Haies or attending a concert at La Grange, drop by our Thai restaurant in Saint-Maximin.